1. What is Bae Juice?
Bae Juice is 100% Korean pear juice
2. Why do people consume Bae Juice?
Research has proven that Korean pears have many health benefits from helping speed up the metabolism of alcohol, constipation and general hydration.
3. Are there any additives inside?
No, only 100% pear juice is inside Bae Juice.
4. What is the difference between Australian pears and Korean pears?
Australian pears are small and green, Korean pears are large and yellow. The different agricultural produce different fruits.
5. Is the Korean pear also Nashi pear?
No, they are completely different however labelled as asian pears.
6. How do Korean pears help hangovers?
Key enzymes inside the Korea pear help speed up the detoxification of alcohol. This helps the recovery process helping reduce the hangover symptoms usually experienced in mornings and throughout the day after consumption.
7. When do I drink Bae Juice?
Before alcohol, the day after has minimal effect.
8. Do I have to consume cold?
For best taste cold is recommended however it can be consumed, even stored below 30 degrees.
9. What's the expiry on the juice?
Over 12 months expiry date for our product.
10. How do I receive shipping?
Shipping is via Star Track and can be tracked.
11. Is it only sold online?
No, we have over 15 stores throughout Melbourne, Australia.
12. Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we only ship within Australia. However, international shipping is coming soon.
13. How can I purchase wholesale?
14. Where is Bae Juice based?
Melbourne, Australia.
15. Do Koreans drink Korean pear juice to help hangovers?
Absolutely! We discovered the power of Bae Juice whilst in Korea. It’s been used traditionally for 1000’s of years.