Our Story

We don’t mean to get all soppy on you, but it’s love that brought Bae Juice to life (and not just a love of Friday arvo knock-offs). A few years ago, Bae Juice big dog, Tim, first flew to South Korea to meet his girlfriend’s family. As it happens, Sumin’s olds like to get on the soju almost as much as Tim likes getting on the beers, and what started as a low-key family dinner quickly spiralled into fresh hell for his liver.

Long story short—Tim was forced to back it up the following night, already feeling more than a little worse for wear. But before he raised the first maekju to his lips, someone handed him a bottle of pear juice in a Korean convenience store and the rest is history. A history he can actually remember without wincing, thanks to the sweet nectar of South Korea’s most treasured orchard fruit.

By the time he flew back home to Melbourne, Tim felt like he was on the pointy end of two-week detox, not crossing the finishline of a fortnight-long soju marathon. But that’s the power of Bae Juice, and it would be bloody rude of him not to share her with us here Down Under.