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100% Korean pear juice.

Wellness after badness.

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What's Bae?

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How does it help?

Bae literally translates to ‘pear’ in Korean, and that’s all Bae Juice is—100% Korean pear juice. Take our word for it—there’s nothing else in there. And over the last few years, research has proven that this sweet magic drop speeds up the detoxification of alcohol and helps prevent hangovers. All we did was do you a solid by bringing her down under.

When do I drink it?


For max results, wrap your lips around Bae before you wrap them around an alcoholic bevvy. It should be the first thing you drink on a night out, and the first thing you thank in the morning.

Where does it come from?

Bae Juice is sourced, squeezed and packaged in Naju, South Korea, and brought all the way down under into your hot little hands.

Our Story