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We don’t mean to get all soppy on you, but it’s love that brought Bae Juice to life. 

A few years ago, Bae Juice founder, Tim, first flew to South Korea to meet his girlfriend’s family. As it happens, Sumin’s family like to get on the soju almost as much as Tim likes getting on the beers, and what started as a low-key trip to meet the family turned into a 2 week long drinking holiday. 

Long story short— Tim was forced to back it up the following night, already feeling more than a little worse for wear. But before he raised the first maekju(beer) to his lips, someone handed him a bottle of pear juice in a Korean convenience store and the rest is history. A history he can actually remember... So with a clear head and a new love for the traditional Korean pear the idea was born. 

By the time he flew back home to Melbourne, Tim caught up with his best friend Liam and they decided Australia deserved this amazing wonder juice and Bae Juice arrived on our shores in 2019. 

Bae Juice is the first 100% Korean pear juice to hit the Australian market. The teams vision is for Bae Juice to be accessible all across Australia both online and offline. Were excited to collaborate with events, people and brands to continue growing our brand.

Tim, Sumin and Liam have been smashing Bae Juice since 2018 and can't wait for everyone to experience it for themselves.  


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