About Us

Before anyone else, there was Bae.

배 전체를 다른 사람에게 주면
그는 핵심을 돌려줍니다.

“Give the whole pear to another
and he gives back the core.”

– Korean Proverb

It started with Tim. Hipster. Barista. Good-time guy. He bravely travelled to South Korea to meet his girlfriend’s family – where he discovered that Sumin’s family likes to get on the soju almost as much as he gets on the beers. The low-key trip to meet the relos turned into a raging two-week bender...

Tim had to back it up, night after night. He was fighting for family approval and flying the flag of Aussie spirit. One night, feeling sorry for himself and pretty worse for wear, a miracle happened. Before he raised that first cheeky maekju (beer) to his lips, someone handed him a little bottle of pear juice in a Korean convenience store...

The rest is history. A history young Tim can actually remember.

So the next day, with a clear head and a new love for the Korean pear – Bae was born.

As soon as Tim returned to Melbourne, he caught up with his best mate Liam. After sharing the touching love story – it was decided that Australia deserved to share in the holy grail for hangovers.

Tim, Sumin and Liam formed the Bae Team and got to work.

The fruits of that labour saw Bae Juice arrive on Aussie shores in 2019.

Bae came first. And it always should. Because Bae is the first 100% Korean pear juice to hit the Australian market. This ripping remedy is the new first-stop on your one-way ticket to partytown. You’re set to love Bae as much as us – you may name your first-born after it.

Our vision for Bae Juice still remains clear. No more hangovers.

Since we’ve been smashing the Bae Juice we’ve not had to pay for our sins. Nothing hazey about that.

We want to share the love and we’re committed to you having a Bae within reach when you need one. Don’t think twice. You don’t have to exercise caution.

You’ll thank us. And you’ll thank yourself. And Bae.