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What is Bae Juice?

Bae Juice is straight up 100% Korean pear juice.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Why do people consume Bae Juice?

Well, research has proved the many health benefits of Korean pears. From speeding up the metabolism of alcohol, relieving constipation symptoms and maintaining optimal hydration. We aren’t scientists but we can vouch for it – that’s why we started Bae Juice.

Are there any additives inside?

Are you crazy? No way – just 100% pure Korean pear power.

What is the difference between Australian pears and Korean pears?

Not all pears are created equal. Australian pears are small and green, whilst Korean pears are large and yellow. The different agricultural conditions produce different fruits. Understand?

Is the Korean pear also Nashi pear?

Nup. They are completely different, though often confused. They might be besties, or frenemies. We can’t confirm nor deny their competitive nature.

When do I drink Bae Juice?

Before anything else, drink Bae. We’ll say it again. Before anything else, drink Bae. Drinking it after you’ve consumed your alcohol, or the next day, has minimal effect. We learnt that the hard way.

How do Korean pears help hangovers?

Key enzymes inside each Korean pear helps speed up the detoxification of alcohol. This boosts your hangover recovery process – helping reduce your morning-after symptoms and those day-after blues.

Do I have to consume cold?

That’s up to you. For maximum taste we recommend cold. But it’s fine to drink at room temperature, so long as you store it below 30 degrees.

What's the expiry on the juice?

Each product comes with over 12 months on the expiration date, so feel free to stock up.

How do I receive shipping?

Easy. Shipping is via our courier, which can also be tracked.

Is it only sold online?

No way – we are available in several stores across Melbourne & Sydney. Find a stockist near you here.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet sorry – we only ship within Australia. However we are planning to start international shipping soon. Look out world!

Where is Bae Juice based?

Melbourne, Australia. Home of AFL, great coffee and Bae Juice.

Do Koreans drink Korean pear juice to help hangovers?

They sure do – in fact they love to party as much as us – maybe more. We discovered the secret powers of Bae Juice whilst visiting Korea, where it’s already been used traditionally for centuries.

Do you like collaborating on promotions?

Hell yeah! We are always on the lookout for opportunities to spread the word on Bae. If you’re a brand, influencer, event planner – why not combine powers. Be a legend. Talk to us.

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